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What the Heck Was I Thinking?

I was a good kid. Always did my homework without arguing. Never cheated on tests. Picked up litter when walking home. Rarely disobeyed my parents. Hey, I said I was good, not perfect.

And I was a smart kid. Straight A student and when not, pretty close to it. Applied to one university and got accepted without hassle or trepidation for that matter. Even managed to get into one of those nerd groups, but I can't remember the name of it for the life of me.

I loved learning. I really did (and still do) and though I didn't know what I wanted to do with my life, I threw myself into school. I somehow made it work despite working nearly full time and not being able to afford any books - well, nearly. My GPA dropped to a 3.0 and I had to drop out of that nerd club - not that anyone noticed as I was the only one in it that couldn't afford living in their separate special housing.

But then one of my roommates where I could afford to live turned out to be a drug dealer and let one of his clients sleep on our couch. We probably should have rallied against that, but the guy was heavy set and over 6' and I'm a thin 5'2 if I round up a few inches... My other two roommates weren't much more of a match for him either and so we didn't say a word...until he came back bloodied up to the point he needed to be taken to an emergency room. But if you think it got better from there, then you're only half right.

He refused to leave and our landlord refused to kick him out - not even after he got into a fight with the local gang and led them back to our apartment where they trashed the place. Then his dealer/my actual roommate gave a key to his girlfriend, which made the guy jealous and he attacked him with a knife. Cops were called once again and I eventually ended up sleeping in my car for six months.

If you're still wondering what half of that was 'better,' re-read it one more time. Lols, just kidding. Hadn't gotten to that part yet. The 'better' was that all of this was the catalyst that pushed me into finally follow my dreams of travelling the world. (: Never had there been such a blatant sign that life was way too short.

But even though I was entirely done with just accepting someone else's view on what my life should be, I still struggled to get on that plane.

Me, a small woman on her own, was going to travel half way around the world with ZERO plans and WITHOUT getting murdered in a country that had the reputation of death (aka: Australia). I mean, what was I thinking!?

But then my best friend, the guy who dropped me off, smiled and waved me goodbye and I couldn't turn back then.

Eight months later, after being told I was surely going to die in my very first conversation with an Aussie local, catching a ride on a motorbike that constantly caught on fire, accidentally acting as a lookout for another drug dealer, sleeping with the homeless, and being stranded in the middle of the outback on my birthday of all dates, I was unsurprisingly still asking that very same question.

Only this time it was followed by: Why the heck did I not do this sooner!?


Due to not wanting to make duplicates, you can find the more detailed stories of this trip at http://lifelongvagabond.weebly.com/2012-australia (:

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